This course will explore the process of conceiving, producing and publishing documentary podcasts.
These are pieces that utilize interviewing, narration, field sound, music and research to inform, persuade
or entertain an audience. By the end of the course, each student will present a polished podcast on a
topic they have identified, researched and produced. Throughout the course, effective storytelling
techniques employed in popular podcast and radio programs will be examined through class discussion.
Students will also study communication theory, rhetoric devices, and journalism practices. Students will
understand the structure of storytelling for creative and informative purposes and use that knowledge
to create their own original work. Students will pitch their ideas and critique others together as a group.
The course will also teach the technical components of capturing and editing audio. By the end of the
course, students will be able to confidently engage with people in public, structure an argument,
present a case, and investigate their curiosity. There will be heavy emphasis on interpersonal
engagement with peers and the public. Students will be responsible for creating field pieces that take
them out of their element.