How to get full points (each listed is worth 3 points!)
1: clarity of layout leaves no confusion to action happening on the screen
2: drawings and actions are solid - sense of weight and space is convincing
3: either fluid, defined rough animation or completely cleaned up line art
4: incorporates strong use of squash and stretch or anticipation/tension
5: incorporates either a morph animation or a walk cycle
6: either incorporates sound design or has color
7: cleanup of final has well-timed “appeal”
8: WIP pass #1 - rough animation - turned in and reviewed on time (in-class point)
9: WIP pass #2 - started cleanup animation - turned in and reviewed on time (in-class point)
10: participation in class critique (in-class point)

Points off if:
- you animate something different than your storyboard pitch
- you rely too heavily on reused drawings or rigged-feeling drawings; you are not primarily working on 2’s
- at 24 fps, your final is less than 15 seconds or more than 20 seconds long