Welcome to Business Math

This class explores and reviews basic mathematical skills and knowledge needed to function as a professional artist or designer. Topics covered will include: units and measurement; data analysis, graphical representation and interpretation; fundamentals of algebra and the use of formulas; introduction to probability and statistics; applications to personal finance; and a focus on finding funding within art and design industries.  

Graded assignments for this course will be completed in Connect, an online learning system from McGraw-Hill.  I'll show you how to log into Connect on our first day of class.  Please be aware the Connect tool is required for this class.  Connect costs $95 and includes access to the online textbook.

Please bring your computer to all of our class meetings.  You do not need a special calculator (TI-83/84) for this class. However, you might choose to use one.  If interested in a TI-83/84, you might want to consider one of these free or low cost apps.

Please note:

  • Throughout this course your knowledge will be assessed via 12 homework assignments, 5 projects/discussion board posts and one final reflection assignment.

  • Homework assignments are completed in Connect.

  • Projects will completed in class or posted outside of class.  Please reference the instructions given in class. 

  • The final reflection assignment is completed in GoStudio.

  • GoStudio will be used to report attendance and grades including mid-term deficiencies and final grades.  

Please review the syllabus and class calendar. Contact me with any questions.  Here's a summary of all the due dates for graded assignments.